decorating with pillows

Some of the things that most interior designers for residential and business use overlook include pillow cases, throws, and very minor details of home decor. Where most people will think about wall color, accent walls, and accent pieces like vases or molding, they don’t think about how ugly some standard sofa pillow throws can be and really don’t take advantage of that.

There are many specialty places that will provide pillow covers with different, unique, or custom designs. Even for those that have a unique personal style or kids, they can quickly find cute pillow cases that will suit their needs and complement their design. The only thing to be weary of is the quality of those cases, since many can be manufactured with different types of material from polyester to cotton. The look and feel may not quite match with what is being envisioned for the overall interior’s style. Going cheap may not always be the answer.

Regardless of style, it’s important to know that bedding, cases, and furnishings all go hand in hand when creating an overall ambience for an audience. This can range from animated or childish to cozy and warm or even to a professional or rustic look. Finding the right pieces may take a little time, and even a little more out of the wallet, but it’s worth it if you want to keep a consistency with the interior. These items should be considered the accents of home decor.

If you have some experience with this in a residential or commercial aspect, please reach out and let us know what might be some additional tips that we can include. For our hotels or other real estate property, we like to try and enhance the interior design especially with ways that doesn’t cost a whole lot of upfront investment.