There are many different kinds of design styles to try. There is modern, Victorian, country, eclectic, and one of them is Bohemian. To understand the design style, you must understand the term “Bohemian.” Bohemian, a name born out of the French artist community, is the practice of living a lifestyle that is unconventional. Many people who live their lives do so under a specific set of rules.

But Bohemian design is a style of design that follows no strict rules, and that is unconventional. It closely resembles eclectic styles, where a variety of items are placed together to make a whole with only certain factors unifying, such as color, but there are specific aspects to Bohemian that make it more distinctive than eclectic. It is a style for free spirits and those who are willing to take some risks. It is a design style for those who want to be artistic and for those who celebrate free expression.

What are 5 examples of amazing bohemian interior design for you to try?

Quilts in the Bedroom

When you think of quilts, you may think of things your grandmother used to make. You may also think of a country home or a log cabin out in the woods. But quilts in Bohemian style are more sophisticated and artsy than that. Also, quilts in a country home, for example, are there not only for the look but also for function. Quilts are supposed to keep us warm. However, in the Bohemian style, it is all about the look.

Let’s look at a Bohemian bedroom. A quilt is not only placed on a queen or king sized bed, but a quilt is also used as a wall hanging right above the bed. Pillows in the bedroom are also made out of quilts. Also, the color of the quilts is important in this case. Red quilts with a modern look and that include fabric such as velvet are a good choice here. Colors such as purple and green are good colors to mix in the quilts. Darker colors are common in Bohemian design.

Houseplants in the Living Room

One of the most essential parts of Bohemian style is plants. Many of today’s 21st-century design styles do not include houseplants because many of today’s styles are structured and organized. But houseplants are a perfect design style with the Bohemian look. In a winning design style, take garden plants and hang them from the ceiling and also place them in potted plants on the ground. One of the best kind of plants to use in this design is the spider plant which looks good hanging as well as stationary on the ground. Along with the plants add lots of floor pillows as well as big pillows on the sofa. Choose Indian style rugs over the floors. Bohemian style includes rugs rather than a focus on a bare floor. Almost every space is covered in many of the Bohemian styles.

The Return of Wallpaper

One of the best Bohemian designs is the use of wallpaper. Wallpaper has come out of favor in today’s 21st-century designs. It is much more common in other designs to find drywall or other modern coverings over wallpaper. But that is not the case for the individualistic Bohemian design. One of the hottest looks for Bohemian design is to match the wallpaper with your sofa or with comfy chairs. In other words, the same pattern that appears on the wallpaper can appear on your furniture. With the look, place many framed paintings and prints on the wall. Bohemian styles are cluttered looks. They are not sparse. In addition to wallpaper, add a sizeable furry rug as a style highlight. A white furry carpet goes with everything and doesn’t have to be real fur. It is perfectly acceptable to use fake fur in these looks.

Velvet, Velvet, Velvet

A hot and gorgeous Bohemian style is the use of velvet throughout a room. This is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s and reminds us of Janice Joplin’s velvet decorating style. Indeed, the Bohemian style is a great style for people who want to be nostalgic, but who want to do it in an updated way. A room with dark printed wallpaper on the walls, along with quilts on the walls is perfect with this look. The furniture in this look is made with velvet, and the color choices for this style are reds, blues, purples, and pinks. The look is cozy and dark and should leave a person feeling safe and secure in the room.

Pottery Everywhere

Another stylish way to design Bohemian style is with a large variety of pottery. Place it on the mantel, on the floor, on the table. Be sure to sue a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The colors of the pottery should be beige, blue and dark browns. Again, Bohemian styles are not about being sparse and tidy. It is about filling spaces with unique items. Furry rugs, lace curtains, floor pillows, and velvet do well with this look. All of these are put together with lots of pottery. Another design that you can include with this look is hanging guitars from the wall. Bohemian is all about design and creativity.

These 5 examples of amazing bohemian interior design are just some of the ways to style Bohemian. Just keep the basic principles in mind: dark colors, quilts, velvet, plants, furry rugs, pottery, framed pictures. One can deviate from the basics to achieve a Bohemian look as long as everything looks relaxed and lots of items are used in a room. Bohemian style is filling spaces and keeping things cluttered by cozy. If you are seeking clean lines and order, this is not the style for you. In fact, you may feel that a style like this appears messy and claustrophobic if you’re seeking clean lines. But if you like a cluttered but beautiful look for your home and you have a penchant for the eclectic, Bohemian may work for you.

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