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5 amazing examples of bohemian interior design

5 Examples of Amazing Bohemian Interior Design You can Try

There are many different kinds of design styles to try. There is modern, Victorian, country, eclectic, and one of them is Bohemian. To understand the design style, you must understand the term “Bohemian.” Bohemian, a name born out of the French artist community, is the practice of living a lifestyle that is unconventional. Many people who live their lives do so under a specific set of rules.

But Bohemian design is a style of design that follows no strict rules, and that is unconventional. It closely resembles eclectic styles, where a variety of items are placed together to make a whole with only certain factors unifying, such as color, but there are specific aspects to Bohemian that make it more distinctive than eclectic. It is a style for free spirits and those who are willing to take some risks. It is a design style for those who want to be artistic and for those who celebrate free expression.

What are 5 examples of amazing bohemian interior design for you to try?

Quilts in the Bedroom

When you think of quilts, you may think of things your grandmother used to make. You may also think of a country home or a log cabin out in the woods. But quilts in Bohemian style are more sophisticated and artsy than that. Also, quilts in a country home, for example, are there not only for the look but also for function. Quilts are supposed to keep us warm. However, in the Bohemian style, it is all about the look.

Let’s look at a Bohemian bedroom. A quilt is not only placed on a queen or king sized bed, but a quilt is also used as a wall hanging right above the bed. Pillows in the bedroom are also made out of quilts. Also, the color of the quilts is important in this case. Red quilts with a modern look and that include fabric such as velvet are a good choice here. Colors such as purple and green are good colors to mix in the quilts. Darker colors are common in Bohemian design.

Houseplants in the Living Room

One of the most essential parts of Bohemian style is plants. Many of today’s 21st-century design styles do not include houseplants because many of today’s styles are structured and organized. But houseplants are a perfect design style with the Bohemian look. In a winning design style, take garden plants and hang them from the ceiling and also place them in potted plants on the ground. One of the best kind of plants to use in this design is the spider plant which looks good hanging as well as stationary on the ground. Along with the plants add lots of floor pillows as well as big pillows on the sofa. Choose Indian style rugs over the floors. Bohemian style includes rugs rather than a focus on a bare floor. Almost every space is covered in many of the Bohemian styles.

The Return of Wallpaper

One of the best Bohemian designs is the use of wallpaper. Wallpaper has come out of favor in today’s 21st-century designs. It is much more common in other designs to find drywall or other modern coverings over wallpaper. But that is not the case for the individualistic Bohemian design. One of the hottest looks for Bohemian design is to match the wallpaper with your sofa or with comfy chairs. In other words, the same pattern that appears on the wallpaper can appear on your furniture. With the look, place many framed paintings and prints on the wall. Bohemian styles are cluttered looks. They are not sparse. In addition to wallpaper, add a sizeable furry rug as a style highlight. A white furry carpet goes with everything and doesn’t have to be real fur. It is perfectly acceptable to use fake fur in these looks.

Velvet, Velvet, Velvet

A hot and gorgeous Bohemian style is the use of velvet throughout a room. This is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s and reminds us of Janice Joplin’s velvet decorating style. Indeed, the Bohemian style is a great style for people who want to be nostalgic, but who want to do it in an updated way. A room with dark printed wallpaper on the walls, along with quilts on the walls is perfect with this look. The furniture in this look is made with velvet, and the color choices for this style are reds, blues, purples, and pinks. The look is cozy and dark and should leave a person feeling safe and secure in the room.

Pottery Everywhere

Another stylish way to design Bohemian style is with a large variety of pottery. Place it on the mantel, on the floor, on the table. Be sure to sue a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The colors of the pottery should be beige, blue and dark browns. Again, Bohemian styles are not about being sparse and tidy. It is about filling spaces with unique items. Furry rugs, lace curtains, floor pillows, and velvet do well with this look. All of these are put together with lots of pottery. Another design that you can include with this look is hanging guitars from the wall. Bohemian is all about design and creativity.

These 5 examples of amazing bohemian interior design are just some of the ways to style Bohemian. Just keep the basic principles in mind: dark colors, quilts, velvet, plants, furry rugs, pottery, framed pictures. One can deviate from the basics to achieve a Bohemian look as long as everything looks relaxed and lots of items are used in a room. Bohemian style is filling spaces and keeping things cluttered by cozy. If you are seeking clean lines and order, this is not the style for you. In fact, you may feel that a style like this appears messy and claustrophobic if you’re seeking clean lines. But if you like a cluttered but beautiful look for your home and you have a penchant for the eclectic, Bohemian may work for you.

Shop Design Tap has an awesome selection that you can use to add to your Bohemian style, ranging from rugs and tables to chairs and different textures.

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Tips For Finding A Good Search Engine Optimisation Company

If you are searching for an SEO company, you probably already know how effective search engine optimisation can be. Obtaining a top spot in the search engines can result in a major increase in free traffic to your website, helping your business make more sales or capture more leads.

Over the years, the process of optimising a website has become increasingly complex. When the Internet was relatively young, all that you had to do to optimise your site was to include the right keywords in your content and to get a bunch of external links to your pages.


Today, however, things are far different. An effective SEO strategy not only involves optimising your keywords and generating links to your site from reputable sources but also creating high-quality content that your visitors will love. Finding a good SEO company in Belfast is essential if you want to see results from your optimisation efforts.

It doesn’t matter if you own a travel luggage shop online or a cheap car insurance review website, all businesses with an online presence can benefit from intelligent SEO marketing.

Before hiring an SEO company, make sure that they have a lot of previous experience working with other clients. Ask to see case studies that showcase their past work. Make sure the sites that they have worked on are still listed well in the search engines and that they have not been penalised.


Interview the company before agreeing to work with them, finding out what optimisation techniques they use for their clients. Make sure that all of the tactics that they use fall into the white hat category. Any black hat optimisation techniques could wind up causing your site to get penalised. Depending on the severity of the penalty, your site could even be removed from the search listings altogether.

Another tip for finding a good SEO company in Belfast is to ask your business associates for a referral. If you know someone who owns a company in a different industry that has a successful website, they may be able to point you in the direction of the SEO company they used to get their site to rank well in the search engines.

Increase Your Home’s Value with These Home Renovations Projects

Image result for raising your home's value

Home renovations have numerous advantages. Aside from improving the appearance, getting your house updated can boost comfort, offer a more efficient and much healthier living environment, and provide better security. In other words, home renovations can improve one’s quality of life.
If your budget is limited and you like to set priorities, why not consider projects that would add more value to your residential property?

Here are some of the home renovations that pay off most likely:

• Exterior and Interior Paint – Painting is a very profitable and an inexpensive renovation project. Rolling on the new coat of exterior and interior paint may generate a hundred percent or fifty percent return on investment. If you are planning to sell your home, pick neutral shades over the trendy colors that might not appeal to some buyers.

• Bathroom and Kitchen – Home renovations to the bathroom and kitchen are considered as the most lucrative. Bathroom or kitchen facelifts may pay back seventy-five to a hundred percent of the cost, depending on the home renovations you do. Most real estate professionals agree that the homeowners who renovate for selling their home must concentrate on such rooms.

• Heating System – Investing on high quality furnace or heating system might pay off handsomely in the same manner as roof upgrade, installing energy efficient system that generates about fifty to eighty percent payback. If you are worried regarding the cost of replacing the old system you have, bear in mind that such upgrades would make you benefit from immediate reduction in the heating costs and would make your house noticeably healthier and liveable.

• Roof – Replacing the roof shingles may provide fifty to eighty percent rate of return, which is a great margin of profitability. Investing in roof upgrades increase the home’s value and protects you and your family against any issues including water infiltration.
Other Home Renovation Projects You May Consider

Some renovations might have great payback potential including replacing windows, doors or flooring, adding a playroom, finishing the basement, and installing a fireplace. Regardless of home renovation projects you are considering, if you wish to recoup the highest possible cost percentage, take note the work should be done properly and the results should be tasteful. With this in mind, before diving head first with hammer in 1 hand and screwdriver in the other, make your research and never hesitate to seek advice from qualified professionals.
It does not matter what home renovation project you have prioritized. As long as it will improve your home’s value, you can be assured that your investment would be worth it. Just make sure to hire only the best home renovation experts for you to achieve your desired results. However, if you like everything about DIY, you may also you choose the DIY approach. Yet, to avoid some hassles and issues in the long run, always ask for help from the ones who are experienced and skilled to do the job for you.


Our Source For Pillow Cases

decorating with pillows

Some of the things that most interior designers for residential and business use overlook include pillow cases, throws, and very minor details of home decor. Where most people will think about wall color, accent walls, and accent pieces like vases or molding, they don’t think about how ugly some standard sofa pillow throws can be and really don’t take advantage of that.

There are many specialty places that will provide pillow covers with different, unique, or custom designs. Even for those that have a unique personal style or kids, they can quickly find cute pillow cases that will suit their needs and complement their design. The only thing to be weary of is the quality of those cases, since many can be manufactured with different types of material from polyester to cotton. The look and feel may not quite match with what is being envisioned for the overall interior’s style. Going cheap may not always be the answer.

Regardless of style, it’s important to know that bedding, cases, and furnishings all go hand in hand when creating an overall ambience for an audience. This can range from animated or childish to cozy and warm or even to a professional or rustic look. Finding the right pieces may take a little time, and even a little more out of the wallet, but it’s worth it if you want to keep a consistency with the interior. These items should be considered the accents of home decor.

If you have some experience with this in a residential or commercial aspect, please reach out and let us know what might be some additional tips that we can include. For our hotels or other real estate property, we like to try and enhance the interior design especially with ways that doesn’t cost a whole lot of upfront investment.

Real Estate Investment Strategies


One of the most recommended ways for building wealth in a stable manner is through real estate. Although the market tends to go up and down in waves, it’s often those who stick to their assets that end up on top. Let’s take a look at what a real estate investor does.

Investing In Properties VS Brokering

One primary difference to note about an investor vs something like an agent is that an investor buys for their own benefit. An agent is generally just a broker or middleman for a buyer and seller. They make a commission being an expert in this particular field, but they don’t invest or make money on their own properties.

An investor, however, buys properties with the intention of remodeling them and making a return on their investor when they sell it to a buyer that’s looking for a new home for their family. They aren’t a middleman, they are actually purchasing and taking ownership of the property until they sell it like any other homeowner.

The Financial Strategy

Real estate investors have 4 primary methods of generating a financial portfolio through the market.

Some investors get to a point where they’re just a money lender. They lend money to the person who is going to buy the home and rehab it, in exchange for interest and a cut of the sale price when it’s all said and done.

This investor is a little different in the sense that they don’t purchase the property on their own, but they contract with the homeowner to find an investor who will purchase it in cash. They put their fee on top of purchase price in order to make profit.

The rehabber is the one who will take a home, calculate and perform renovations on it in an attempt to make a decent sized profit once it’s finished and sold to a new homeowner. This is the “house flipper” you mostly see on TV or hear about.

Buy and Hold
This is an investor who’s in it for the long haul. They buy homes, usually duplexes or multi-family buildings, that will generate cashflow over a period of time. Sometimes they’ll sell the property in order to trade-up into a larger one, thanks to tax benefits, but in other cases they’ll simply own multiple buildings across town. They focus on monthly recurring income vs big payouts from a flip or a wholesale.


These are some strategies used in the real estate world to get you started. But there’s a LOT more information once you start diving into it all. You can find more in-depth information on each of these methods over at the Real Estate Marketing Hub.

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The Undervalued Marketing Strategy For Your Business

seo foundation

Many business owners have heard the word “SEO”, but few understand what it really means aside from just having it constantly included in the onslaught of spam email and phone calls. What is SEO really and why is it important?

The SEO Breakdown

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the process of ranking a particular web listing on Google and other search engines higher in the results. This means that when someone Googles for a keyword, let’s say “hotels in chennai”, we want our website to be on the first page and, ideally, the very first listing that shows up in their search results. This is because 33-40% of all traffic will go to the first rank, and the rest will go to ranks 2-3, while only fractions go to the rest of the first page. Most users never go beyond the first page simply because they’ve already found what they’re looking for by that point.

With potentially thousands of sites for the same niche and location, how can some “choose” to be on the first page? Can we just pay for it? The answer is no. While you can pay to show up at the top of Google with AdWords, it’s not an organic listing. Many users have trained themselves to skip ads, so they go to the first organic listing, and getting ranked in that position takes a lot of work, strategy, and technique. Google recommends certain criteria to help sites make it to that point, but it doesn’t make sense for all sites to do exactly what Google says because then everyone would be rank 1 — and that obviously isn’t possible.

The Key To Getting Position 1 (or position zer0)

In order to achieve position 1 in Google, it’s important to have on-page optimization totally filled out. That means matching criteria that Google has set for what they deem to be a perfectly set up website. While that will certainly help, it only makes the site reach “acceptance”, not excellence. The real SEO work has to do with the backlinks profile, the references from other websites to your own, as described in this SEO Tips blog. The more of these you have which comes from credible and high authority sources, the better your site looks to Google’s algorithm. That’s why it’s important to get links from sites that are legitimately considering to be an authority of your niche. For example, if your business operates in the aerospace industry, then getting a link from NASA is extremely powerful, whereas getting a link from a pet store has zero relevance. Likewise, if you receive hundreds of submissions from blog comments or directories, that looks unnatural and is considered pure spam, so Google tends to slap websites for it.

Focus Where It Counts

To make your SEO really work, it’s important to focus on where it really matters– high quality backlinks. It’s easy to follow the guidelines for your website’s on-page optimization, but you really want to build out the backlinks portfolio in a strong way. Doing this will help the overall domain rank for several hundred or thousand keywords and bring in lots of organic traffic for which  you otherwise would have to be several dollars per click. This is why SEO is so important, yet so difficult to accomplish.

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Popular Hotels In Chennai, India

Chennai is one of the main educational, cultural and commercial centers in India and is also 1 out of the 4 metropolitan cities in India along with Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai. It also serves as the capital to Tamil Nadu. Over and above how Chennai has become “westernized” it still manages to remain deep-rooted in tradition and culture. Here are some of the top hotels to consider on your next trip to Chennai

1.The Belstead

This hotel in Chennai is about 700m from the Apollo Hospital and about 1.3km from the US Embassy. Guests to this hotel can enjoy their on-site restaurant and private and fee parking is available at the hotel. All the rooms have been fitted with flat-screen TV’s and a few of the units feature a seating area that you are able to use to relax after a busy day out.

Each room comes with a kettle and private bathrooms along with free WiFi. This hotel features a 24-hour front desk along with a variety of shops on the property. You can also take advantage of car hire services at the Belstead. 1.6 km away is the Government Museum Chennai and the Spencer Plaza Mall is 1.8 km away. The Chennai International Airport is 13 km away.

2.Treebo Nestlay Airport

Treebo Nestlay Airport is located in Chennai is 900m away from St. Thomas Mount and about 1.8 km from the Chennai Trade Centre. Each room features a TV and kettle with a private bathroom with a shower. This property also features free private-parking and free WiFi.

You will find the Anna University 4.4 km from the hotel, and 5 km away is the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. The closet airport is the Chennai International Airport which is situated 4 km away. This hotel has been rated as one of the best in regards to value for money.

3.The Residency Chennai

Only 10 km away from the Chennai Airport, The Residency provides air-conditioned large suites and rooms along with a modern fitness centre. When you arrive a fruit basket is offered in each suite or room along with a fully stocked mini-bar, coffee/tea facilities and cable TV. Each room comes with a private bathroom offered with free-toiletries. Some of these rooms come with a rain shower.

The Spice Bar serves a breakfast buffet daily as well as dinner and lunch. You have the choice to order from the a la carte menu at the Chin Chin restaurant. There is also a 24-hour front desk that can assist you with an airport-shuttle or car rental. The Central Railway Station is only 10 km away, while the Chennai Bus Station is just 6 km away from the property. The T-Nagar is the ideal choice for tourists or travelers that hold an interest in shopping and food.

4.Trident Chennai

This 5-star hotel offers 24-hour room service, pampering-spa treatments, and an outdoor pool. The Trident is just a short 10 minute drive away from Nagar, Maraimalai, Sriperumbudur and the Guindy business districts along with the well-known Chennai Trade Centre. You can enjoy the complimentary WiFi available in the rooms.

Each room comes with wooden furnishings, large windows and air-conditioning that comes with personal safes, a minibar and flat-screen TVs. Each suite features separate living areas with en-suite bathrooms that comes with showers.

10 minutes drive from the Trident Chennai is the Chennai Domestic and International Airport, while the Chennai Railway Station is about a 45 minute drive away. This hotel offers on-site free parking. You can also rent a car to explore India or check on your emails at the dedicated business centre or enjoy a workout at their gym.

The Trident Chennai offers Cinnamon which is the all-day dining restaurant which serves Indian, Continental and Asian cuisine. The hotel also features a specialty restaurant by the name of Samudra which offer Indian indigenous and coastal Chettinad cuisine.

This hotel has been rated as one of the best hotels in Chennai and guests are generally happier at this hotel when compared to the other hotels in this area. This hotel has also been rated as great for value and many past guests have mentioned that they got the most for the money they spent at this hotel.


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